About Kanchi vanividyalaya

The need for development was always felt by the nation and things became worse after Independence as dependence on others was the main cause. In such an alarming situation, the need for united efforts were realized where all the societies of the nation in form of the Government sector, private sector, the rich and the poor all were required to join hands for a common cause and the common cause was to uplift the level of education in the nation for a better tomorrow.

Vision and Mission

To https://it.medadvice.net/flexoptima impart education with emphasis on holistic development and growth to mould students for better tomorrow. https://it.medadvice.net/kanabialica

Vani Vidyalaya aims at educating работа в москвеthe students with utmost respect and comfort so that they http://jobitel.com can pursue a bright and eventful career ahead in life and meet the challenges of the ever changing dynamic world.


“So we make sure that our children develop, bit by bit, to cherish and apply these values themselves”.

Responsibility, honesty, courage, loyalty, tolerance and respect for others are the stepping stones.The merit of understanding the students,innovating new mechanisms to make this change into a reality.